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What's New?
For the latest HBB news and events
    HBB What's New Archive
For events from previous years

Hockey School
All about Benoit Barbeau's widely-acclaimed Summer Hockey School
About the teaching groups created to cater to the various ages and skill levels
The homepage for all HBB photo memories
    Registration Form
A form you can download to register for hockey school

Novice Program
Information on HBB's five-step training program for young players
    IHTPNP Application Requirements
A summary of the new application requirements for the ice hockey teaching program

Coach's Corner
Resources for coaches
    Yearly Teaching Content for Atom, Pee-Wee, Bantam and Midget
A coaching manual developed to help coaches plan their upcoming season
        Yearly Teaching Content's table of contents
    Ice Hockey Learning Steps Guide
An advanced exercise guide to help coaches convey their teaching elements
      Ice Hockey Learning Steps Guide's table of contents
A collection of all publications available from Hockey Benoit Barbeau
    Order Form
Interactive and printer-friendly documents used to order copies of HBB coaching manuals
    Conferences and Training Seminars
Benoit Barbeau is an experienced teacher and conference speaker who can adapt to suit your organization's needs
    Hockey Tips
Presents topics presented by Benoit Barbeau in conferences, as well as excerpts from his publications
    Recommended Drills and Exercises
A collection of fresh ideas covering a wide range of teaching elements

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A one-stop shop for all the HBB files, updates, documents and forms you need
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A list of HBB-approved sites not to miss

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