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Available for sale or rent in selected areas, this five-step program helps young 5 - 9 year old boys and girls develop progressively from year to year. It can be used as a lead-in to the Yearly Teaching Content for Atom, Pee-Wee, Bantam and Midget by the same author, which is currently in use for team development (9 - 17 years) at the provincial level. Recognized for its teaching excellence, this program also may be used by coaches for continuous self-training to achieve a broader vision of development. Each of the five steps is described below.

New Application Requirements for the Ice Hockey Teaching Program in 2018-2019

Following the modifications made by Hockey-Québec regarding the re-emergence of the C Class in the Novice and Atom divisions, there are new requirements to take into account regarding how the Program’s manuals are used. A summary of changes, including a list of all teaching elements is available for download.

1. Introduction to Ice Hockey (Yellow):

Intended for 4 - 5 year olds, this program starts off by helping beginners familiarize themselves with the ice rink and feel comfortable in this new environment. We then attempt to reduce the fear of falling by showing them how to get up correctly. The children then have the opportunity to improve their balance on skates. (Didn’t they take several weeks to get their balance on their feet?) It finishes with a series of games on the ice that lets them experiment with different skating movements.

All aspects are introduced through exercises and appropriate games that keep the children interested. It is an adventure into the world of children: the world of fun and games.

Purchase this publication for only $21.00.

2. Introduction to Skating Techniques (Red):

This program fulfills two needs: the children need to improve while having fun, and the coaches need to feel confident by enhancing their technical knowledge and teaching techniques.

This step is intended for young children who are capable of skating in a straight line without falling and are relatively well-balanced on skates. Prime candidates are children 6 years old and those who have completed the Introduction to Ice Hockey (Yellow) step.

The following forward and backward skating techniques are developed in this step: forward front and crossover starts, the basic stance position, forward two-foot stops, forward strides, sharp turns, forward crossovers, backward strides, pivots, backward starts with and without crossovers, backward crossovers and backward two-foot stops. All elements are taught in a progressive manner with the emphasis placed on teaching principles.

Each session ends with a game or mini-game of hockey. The games give the players an exciting way to practise the techniques taught during the session. The mini-games allow them to apply the techniques they learned to game situations.

Purchase this publication for only $26.25.

3. Introduction to Puck Control (Green):

This step is intended for players who are relatively competent with the techniques of forward and backward skating. Prime candidates are children 7 - 8 years old, and preferably graduates of the Introduction to Skating Techniques (Red) step.

In this step, dribbling when stopped and when in motion is developed with all skating movements. Sweep passes and pass receptions are also developed while stopped, when in motion, when in restricted areas, as well as on half the surface of the ice. The sweep shot is executed in various contexts, and we also look at how to deke the goaltender on a breakaway. All these elements are taught progressively with emphasis placed on having fun. All sessions end with a game or mini-game of hockey.

Purchase this publication for only $26.25.

4. Reinforcement Program for Novice and House League Atom (White):

The Reinforcement Program for Novice and House League Atom, or White Program, was designed based on the Initiation Program to Technical Skating (red), the Initiation Program to Puck Control (green), and the Initiation Program to Game Situations (orange). It covers all aspects of skating and puck control in addition to touching on key technico-tactical elements such as puck protection, stick checking and uncoverage. Novice A and Atom B and C players are specifically targeted.

This program is optional: its many games and mini-games give the coach a structured, progressive and fun tool to work with.

Purchase this publication for only $31.50.

5. Introduction to Game Situations (Orange):

Young players lack experience in game situations, which is perfectly normal. This step was created to help them gain experience then apply it in game situations. It is intended for participants who are 9 - 10 years of age; however, Atom A and double-letter players may also benefit greatly from this program. On the other hand, younger players should be given the chance to perfect their basic techniques before participating in this step.

The step is divided into two parts: the players’ fundamental technical skills are first boosted by skating and puck control exercises, then they are introduced to different game situations, such as puck protection, approach on the carrier, individual coverage of a non-carrier and individual uncovering, as well as the 1-on-1, 2-on-1 offensive and defensive situations.

This program is an excellent way to prepare players for the Atom Yearly Teaching Content, used by teams for the development process. All themes and their content are based on a progressive approach. The coach will ensure that sessions are repeated or continued when necessary, and will stop teaching when the participants’ technical level is inadequate. In this situation, the weak area must be improved before continuing with the program.

Purchase this publication for only $31.50.

Rental fees including taxes*

1. Introduction to Ice Hockey (Yellow) from $227.85 per year
2. Introduction to Skating Techniques (Red) from $256.33 per year
3. Introduction to Puck Control (Green) from $256.33 per year
4. Reinforcement Program for Novice and House League Atom (White, Optional) from $256.33 per year
5. Introduction to Game Situations (Orange) from $284.81 per year
* Prices and availability may vary, depending on the region.

Pricing may be modified to reflect the size of the association, and surcharges for remote areas may apply. Teaching supervision support is also available; prices will vary according to individual needs and location. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation.

In all cases, rental fees include the required number of manuals for the entire season, as well as a start-up training workshop. To ensure the proper and timely return of the manuals at the end of the season, an agreement is signed and a deposit collected from the organization renting the program. All these programs are protected by copyright. The rental promotion is only valid in the province of Quebec and other select areas.

Consult the application requirements to be taken into account regarding how the various manuals of the Ice Hockey Teaching Program for Novice and Pre-Novice are used.

Please contact Hockey Benoit Barbeau for more information. We'd be happy to help you choose which option best suits the needs of your organization.

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