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Because coaches serve as role models in the life of each of their athletes, they have the opportunity (and some might say, the obligation) to teach much more than just sports skills and strategies. Moreover, by personally demonstrating an example of behavior and leadership, coaches can become a veritable source of inspiration for those they instruct. Young players place great importance on their coach's qualities, such as their expertise and knowledge, moral support, ability to motivate, their level of commitment and more.

Being a good listener and remaining open to change are unquestionably two essential characteristics of ice hockey coaches and trainers. The set of manuals and documentation written by Benoit Barbeau are the product of over 30 years' experience, yet are easily accessible to anyone looking to improve their knowledge. Details are given below:


The Yearly Teaching Content for Atom, Pee-Wee, Bantam and Midget is a comprehensive tool that was developed to help coaches plan their upcoming season. Filled with information about the technical, technico-tactical and basic tactical elements, this manual may also be used as a reference book by anyone looking to learn more about ice hockey.

Consult the Yearly Teaching Content's table of contents

The Ice Hockey Learning Steps Guide is an indispensable supplement to the Yearly Teaching Content for Atom, Pee-Wee, Bantam and Midget by the same author. Filled with over 120 exercises, the Ice Hockey Learning Steps Guide's advanced teaching format helps coaches successfully convey the elements of the yearly plan to young hockey players.

Consult the Ice Hockey Learning Steps Guide's table of contents

To order your copy of these publications by Benoit Barbeau, please use our order form.


The Ice Hockey Teaching Program for Novice and Pre-Novice helps young boys and girls develop progressively from year to year. Recognized for its teaching excellence, this program also may be used by coaches for continuous self-training to achieve a broader vision of development.

We have available a variety of detailed conferences and training seminars that can be adapted to suit your organization's needs. As an experienced teacher and conference speaker, Benoit Barbeau is ready to share in-depth information regarding the latest coaching trends in ice hockey with you.

Nothing short of a toolbox for innovative coaches, the Benoit Barbeau Hockey Tips page regularly showcases topics presented by Benoit Barbeau in conferences, excerpts from his publications and much, much more.

Who isn't looking for a fresh set of recommended drills and exercises for the team? This page is a collection of scenarios covering a wide range of teaching elements, including excerpts from Benoit Barbeau's pedagogical publications. The theory behind each of the selected scenarios is explained in the Yearly Teaching Content for Atom, Pee-Wee, Bantam and Midget.

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